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ExtendBars are the only snacks clinically proven to help stabilize blood sugar (glucose) levels for up to 9 hours. As a result, they offer benefits most other snacks and snacks bars can not. 

  • Comparison to other snacks and snack bars

  • What makes ExtendBar so different from other snacks

Comparison to other snacks and snack bars

It's amazing the number of benefits possible with a food that converts to blood sugar gradually over 7-9 hours! While other snacks can help prevent blood sugar from spiking after eating them, only ExtendBar offers all of the benefits shown below supported by numerous clinical studies.

Health Benefit ExtendBars Typical
Low-Carb Snacks
Carbohydrate Snacks
Won’t cause blood
sugar to spike
YES! YES! no
Helps prevent low blood sugar for up to 9 hours! YES! no no
Helps prevent high blood sugar in the morning YES! no no
Helps suppress
up to 9 hrs.
YES! no no
Heart healthy
no trans-fats 
YES! no no