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Because ExtendBars convert to blood sugar so gradually, they offer people with diabetes benefits most other foods and snacks cannot, to help make life simpler and more enjoyable.

How ExtendBar works for up to 9 hours to help:

              • Prevent low blood sugar
              • Prevent high blood sugar
              • Protect your heart
              • Control your hunger

Prevent low blood sugar

Unlike most foods we eat that convert to blood sugar within a couple of hours, ExtendBars' patented blend of slow-release carbohydrates, protein and fat breaks down gradually over 7-9 hours. This helps prevent your blood sugar level from dropping too low for up to 9 hours. The torture test for this, not surprisingly, is at night while you sleep and can't replenish your bloodsugar.In this case, by using an ExtendBar, the incidence of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) was reduced by 75%.

Prevent high blood sugar

  • Immediately after eating
    The carbohydrates contained in most foods we eat are faster-acting carbohydrates that convert to blood sugar within a couple of hours and can cause blood sugar to spike dramatically. For this reason, health care professionals may caution individuals with diabetes to limit the amount of carbohydrates they eat.

    ExtendBar’s patented blend is different. It's unique combination of slower-acting and faster-acting carbohydrates, combined with protein and fat converts gradually to blood sugar over 7-9 hours. So like low-carb, high-protein foods, ExtendBar won't spike your blood sugar. But, unlike these low-carb, high-protein foods, ExtendBar continues to supply your body with the blood sugar it needs to function properly far longer -up to 9 hours.

  • First thing in the morning
    What many people with diabetes don't understand is that having high blood sugar in the morning can actually be caused by having low blood sugar overnight. This may be the case if you find your blood sugar levels are high in the morning, even though they were normal when you went to bed the night before.

    That's because, while you sleep, your blood sugar level naturally drops. If it drops too low, your liver releases glycogen (a stored form of glucose) into your blood stream.

    When eaten as a bedtime snack, ExtendBar helps prevent this phenomenon by supplying your body with a continuous, low level of glucose for up to 9 hours. This helps prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping low enough to trigger the release of glycogen from your liver. In fact, in a clinical study where an ExtendBar was eaten as a bedtime snack, average morning blood sugar readings were 28% lower.

Protect your heart

Since so many of the snack bars and meal bars available today are high in fat and cholesterol and contain trans fats, it can be hard to find products that help you manage your diabetes and also take good care of your heart. ExtendBars are low or reduced in fat, cholesterol-free and contain no trans-fats. They are also a good source of soluble fibre and soy protein. So now, it’s possible to take care of your heart and your diabetes at the same time.

Control your hunger

One of the most challenging aspects of managing your weight when you have diabetes is controlling your appetite, which gets triggered each time your blood sugar level drops too quickly or too low. ExtendBar’s slow conversion to glucose helps stabilize your blood sugar for up to 9 hours, to prevent the drops in blood sugar that trigger appetite, so you can keep your hunger in check. Even better, it's been clinically proven to reduce the calories eaten at your next meal an average of 21%.

This doesn't mean that with ExtendBar you can go 9 hours without eating, but an ExtendBar can help you avoid those intense between meal cravings that often lead to unhealthy snacking and overeating at mealtime. In addition to a more satisfied feeling throughout the day, many people have reported significant weight loss after eating ExtendBars regularly.